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SERFINMEC for more than 30 years leader in aluminum die casting and mechanical finishes third parties.

Contact us for a quote or advice, our facility is at your disposal to satisfy all your needs.

  • Company profile
    Serfinmec is located in Passirano, a little town in northern Italy. Situated on a lot of 2,000 sqm, the company is equipped with cutting-ed...
  • Samples
    The industrial use of aluminum and zamak has increased significantly in recent years, mainly because of the well-known characteristics of t...
  • Raw material
    Castings are obtained by using the main zamak and aluminum alloys, such as UNI 46100 and UNI 46000. However, for specific requirements, we...
  • Quality certification
    Serfinmec is equipped with a metrological room containing the most sophisticated centesimal testing systems, such as a three-dimensional g...


Serfinmec boasts a thirty-year experience in the field of casting and finishing of aluminium and zamak items. Thanks to this great experience, we are now able to manufacture high-quality goods while always keeping an eye on innovation. Our production philosophy takes the customer from the idea, to the realization, carefully following all the stages from design to production and processing to final assembly.

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The deep knowledge of the aluminum and zamak industry has brought Serfinmecto offer a complete service that includes the design and construction of molds for castings.
For the realization of the projects we work with a number of foundriessubsidiaries where there are all types of presses to meet every requirement: from the smallest to the largest 150 tons to 2000 tons.
We have fully automated machining centers (CNC), blasting tunnel andcarpet rampant. Qualified staff takes care of the finish and surface cleaning of castings through the use of equipment for grinding manual and robotic. Serfinmec also has specialized in the assembly ofmechanisms on processed products. The material used for the assembly is subjected to special quality controls to always ensure a high standard.